Our strategy is based upon our most valuable assets which are human capital, experience and commitment to excellence; 

  • Recruit, train and retain best human capital 
  • High investment on technology to gain competitive edge
  • High percentage of income spent for R&D
  • Value for money
  • Have an excellent and efficient quality controls in place 
  • Evaluate every single end user feedback carefully
  • Sustainable Growth


  • 1142 sok no:35 Sarnic - Gaziemir 35414 İzmir / Turkey

  • +90 444 11 76
  • +90 232 281 66 48


As of today with 200 employees Medbar supplies its products to 72 countries in 6 continents. With the importance given to
R & D, Medbar is increasing the number of products continuously and keep growing rapidly. Would you like to contribute to the development of our growing company?

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