Our customers are our guides in the whole chain of operation: Research -> Design -> Development -> Production -> Sales and Marketing -> Service. In our organization based on this mentality, we decide how to produce, distribute and service our products for the sake of customer satisfaction.


We mobilize an innovative and creative power through an environment that enables the discussion of all kinds of opinions by establishing a common language. Being aware that the mind of a team is bigger than its members we develop the ability to work together and gain common competences of problem solving.

Continuous Improvement

We adopt the continuous improvement as a lifestyle in our operations, knowing that today's better than yesterday, and tomorrow should be better than today.

Positive Approach

The positive approach which is one of the most important cultural values of our human resources, is based on the mentality of looking for a solution in every situation.

Transparent and Accountable

Another important value of ours is to be able to share information, take responsibility to the extent of our authorities and to be accounted for every job delivered as a company and employees.


" The only thing constant is change " - Heraclicius
Our competitiveness is backed by the fact that we know those will survive who are the most flexible and adapt to the conditions most.

Fair Sharing

The implementation of the win-win principle of sharing the obtained value in a fair and balanced manner between the partners is one of our basic approaches.

Legal Compliance

Respecting the laws and rules of the society we live in and implementing them with discipline is the constant rule of our business.

Environment Friendly

The company and environment as whole are a cycle of exchange. Producing eco-friendly in accordance with the win-win principle, protecting the environment and utilizing it without harming are our priority in this exchange too.


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As of today with 200 employees Medbar supplies its products to 72 countries in 6 continents. With the importance given to
R & D, Medbar is increasing the number of products continuously and keep growing rapidly. Would you like to contribute to the development of our growing company?

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