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Medical Consumables Production


Medbar researches, develops, designs and manufactures high quality disposable consumables.

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Growth Story on the Trail of Innovation Since 1982...

We shed light on our work and what lies behind the development.

Growth Story on the Trail of Innovation

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Medbar, 1982’den beri sektörde liderliğini sürdürmektedir. Toplam 25.000 m²’lik alanda faaliyet gösteren şirketimiz, farklı alanlara ayrılmış kullanım alanlarıyla verimli bir üretim gerçekleştirmektedir. Temiz oda kullanım alanı 3000 m², kalıphane ve bakımhane alanı 1200 m², idari binası 1000 m² ve ARGE laboratuvarı 1100 m²’lik bir alana sahiptir.

With over 300 experienced employees, at Medbar, we aim to provide our customers with the best products and services. We continuously follow technology through R&D studies and expand our product range with innovative products. By maintaining high quality standards to contribute to the industry, we will continue to play a pioneering role in the sector in the future.

Research and Development


Our Research and Development activities are one of the most important processes that play a role in our success and growth and are shaped in line with our company's strategy and growth targets. Our investments in the R&D department account for a significant portion of our revenue and this ratio continues to increase every year.

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We shed light on our work and what lies behind the development.


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