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The Creative Power of R&D

Our Research and Development activities are one of the most important processes that play a role in our success and growth and are shaped in line with our company's strategy and growth targets. 

Our investments in the R&D department account for a significant portion of our revenue and this ratio continues to increase every year.

Our goal is to reduce the cost of healthcare while increasing patient and caregiver safety. Our dedicated R&D employees work tirelessly for this purpose with the latest technologies at their disposal.

Products in line with customer demands are put into operation by mobilizing our creative power and thanks to our unique R&D methodology.

Our Specialties

New products and improvements to existing products

Products in line with customer demands are realized by mobilizing our creative power and our unique R&D methodology.

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Following the Concept and Detail Design phases;



After theoretical verification by Engineering Analyses;



Prototype and Sample parts produced in sufficient quantity during the development phase...


Project Management

It is put into customer service using project management approach and techniques;


On the Trail of Quality and Trust

By meticulously following the concept and detail design stages, engineering...


To the Top with Innovation

We proceed with a process specific to the Concept and Detail Design phases...